Book Birch Cottage for the weekend of 26 – 28 August and get 50% off the price of 1 place on our Introduction to Permaculture course, with tutor Hannah Mole. A total price of £220 for 2 nights in Birch Eco Cottage including 1 permaculture course ticket. Just email or call us on 02840650273 to take advantage of this offer. Up to 1 additional ticket for the permaculture course is available at the same discount.

In this Introduction to Permaculture weekend workshop we will focus on how to design and set up and maintain home and small-holding scale systems which productively cycle energy around a site.

We will consider Water, Fertility, Sun, Wind, Human & Animal energy from the perspective of there being “No such thing as waste” (It’s just stuff in the wrong place! – formidable vegetable sound system) So let’s get our stuff in the right place! and arrange our spaces to encourage energy to flow through the land/home/people-scapes efficiently, effectively and productively, maximising production & minimising environmental pollution.

Integrating: Land, Animals, People, Water Harvesting & use, Food production, Structures and Shelter,Woodlands, Renewable power and more… Using: Permaculture ethics & design principles – a simple design process.