Wake up with a view of the woods, in an environment heated by the sun, surrounded by natural, locally sourced materials. Above all else, Birch Cottage is designed to provide a healthy space where you can relax and unwind. Many of the elements you’ll find within have a story to tell – we know where our timber comes from, such as the Elm step into the living room, that grew in Castle Leslie estate, and the Cedar worktop that was cut from a tree on the shores of Strangford Lough.

Natural insulations, such as sheep’s wool, and woodfibre mean that the rooms are always at a comfortable temperature, and each room has it’s own controllable underfloor heat source. Solar heat panels provide most of the warmth in the building, as well as hot water, and the woodburning stove is there to help them. The larch floors are wonderfully warm underfoot, and we’ve used entirely non toxic, food safe wood treatments throughout the building.

DSCF5122 (2)

All the electricity on site is made using our own solar panels and wind turbine, 100% renewable. Together with our use of timber from the managed woods just yards away from the cottage, you can be assured that your stay in Birch Eco Cottage is genuinely low carbon.  We even offset the carbon generated by your travel to us by planting trees that will sequester the carbon during their lifetime.