Birch Cottage is situated on our smallholding here at Lackan Cottage Farm, where growing healthy, pesticide and herbicide free food is a central part of our lives, and of the Birch Cottage experience. We feel that it is essential to know where our food has come from, that is is as local as possible  and that in the case of meat, that the animal had a happy, healthy life. To this end we only supply produce from people we know, and where organic practice has been followed.


Of course we want you to share this with us, and so you will find a selection of seasonal veg and some eggs in your welcome pack. We also sell vegetables and eggs and a list of what we have is always on the blackboard outside the cottage.

Visitors are most welcome to explore the gardens, walk in the orchard and meet the hens and ducks living there. The ducks are our pest patrollers, roaming the gardens in search of slugs, and are real characters. Eggs from the hens and ducks are always available – we feed only organic and non-gmo feeds, and you’ll see that all the birds here have freedom to roam whilst still being protected from the ever present foxes.


We also offer a limited supply of produce from friends who have organic smallholdings, typically grass fed beef and chicken from here in the Mournes, and locally made wines.

If you are interested in growing food, we’ll be only too happy to talk to you about what we do here, and perhaps even consider enjoying one of our short courses during your stay. Either Claire or Steve are always happy to show you around.